Affordable Life Insurance for Overweight or Obese

Whether you are 20 pounds or 200 pounds overweight, you need life insurance like everyone else. We understand your struggles and will put you with the company with your best price. You don't even have to be weighed to get some of our policies!"

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Overweight and Healthy

Not all people who are overweight need to lose weight. Some of you are very healthy despite carrying more weight than the charts say you should. We shop your life insurance rates from 40+ companies, paying close attention to weight charts and whether or not they give credit for good health.

Overweight and Muscular

Some of you are overweight because you have a lot of muscle, which weighs more than fat. Some life insurance companies look at BMI (body mass index), and rate you better if you have a low BMI. Our experts at Outlook Life are happy to shop multiple carriers that reward good BMI with lower life insurance rates.

Overweight with Pre-Existing Health Conditions

As we all know, there are some health conditions that can develop when people are overweight or obese, along with genetics, health habits, etc. Some of these are type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, heart disease, fatty liver disease, and osteoarthritis.

Outlook Life specializes in overweight life insurance, and in life insurance for those who also have health conditions that are or are not related to being overweight. We know what companies to use to get you affordable overweight life insurance, even with pre-existing conditions.

How to Bring Down Overweight Life Insurance Rates

Often people who are overweight feel that if they put off applying for life insurance, they will lose weight and get a lower price in the future. However, the price will almost surely go up in the future due to being older, while it is not certain whether weight loss will occur. So a better idea is to lock in a short term life insurance policy now, since shorter term life insurance policies cost less than longer terms. Then if you lose enough weight to qualify for a lower rate in the future, you can easily replace the policy

No Exam Life Insurance for Obesity

Sometimes no Exam Life Insurance offers the best rates for people who are considerably overweight. If morbidly obese, some No Exam Life Insurance will allow you to get a policy without even asking your weight. Outlook Life will shop multiple carriers and find your best options, both with and without an exam. Then you can select the life insurance that feels right for you.

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