Tobacco Users Life Insurance

When it comes to buying tobacco users’ life insurance, most life insurance companies lump all tobacco together. Thus, you might only chew tobacco while playing softball with your buddies, but pay the same smoker life insurance rates as someone who smokes a pack of cigarettes per day. We use several life insurance companies who give tobacco users a break."
  • If you use chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes, nicotine gum, or smoke daily cigars or pipe, we can usually get you NONSMOKER life insurance rates.
  • If you smoke cigarettes and have good health, we offer PREFERRED SMOKER rates.

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How does the life insurance company know whether or not I use tobacco?

Cotinine (a byproduct of nicotine) can be detected in urine or blood samples for up to several weeks after use of nicotine products. Some insurance companies do not require a blood or urine test, but may review medical records to determine smoking history. Others just rely on your word.

If you have admitted the use of chewing tobacco, cigars, pipes, or nicotine gum on your life insurance application, some companies will still allow you to be rated Nonsmoker, even if nicotine shows up in your urine or blood sample.

What if I only smoke cigars?

Occasional cigar uses (sometimes called "celebratory cigar uses") can be rated Preferred Nonsmoker, if they qualify for that rate based on their health and build. This applies to people who smoke cigars 1-2 times per month or less.

Cigarette smoking with pre-existing health conditions

If you smoke after having a heart attack, stroke, or cancer; or smoke while having diabetes, COPD, or some other serious health conditions; you might not be able to get a traditional life insurance policy. However, in our 15 years of experience in impaired risk life insurance, we have contracted with some companies that will still cover you for a (possibly) limited amount of coverage.

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