About Outlook Life

Our History

Outlook Life started in 2001 as Instant Life Quotes, with a specialty in impaired risk life insurance. We merged with Outlook Life in 2004. To many of our clients, Outlook Life is synonymous with the place you go to when you've had trouble finding affordable life insurance elsewhere.

Our Resources

Outlook Life began as an arm of Brokers Alliance, a brokerage that provides agents with technological and personnel resources; and with support and contracts for scores of life insurance companies. David Racich, our founder continues to benefit Outlook Life as president of Brokers Alliance.


Our Standards

While never getting big, Outlook Life has focused on providing personalized and high quality service. Working here requires a keen mind for both numbers and medical terms and conditions, the ability to listen closely while sifting through volumes of data, and a respectful attitude.

Our Competition

We like to think we are much more experienced and knowledgeable than most online life insurance representatives, but also believe that writing hundreds of policies for certain health conditions gives us an edge over independent agents who do not run into the same type of health issue very often.

Our Goals

Every case is a challenge to see how much money we can save you. Seldom do we know, or care, how much we will get paid by selling a certain product. Our goal is to get you the most affordable coverage, in a policy for which you are most likely to be approved, and with policy features that are the best you can possibly get.

About Outlook Life's President

Peggy Mace has been the Senior Agent since our company was formed, and still holds that position today. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Gerontology after high school, and has spent half of her career working with Seniors: starting a Senior Center, working in the Social Services Dept at a nursing home, and as coordinator at a retirement living residence. The other half of her career has been in insurance: office manger for a Principal Financial Group agent, selling pre-need insurance at a funeral home, as an independent online agent, and finally, for Outlook Life.

Peg's education and work history have developed into a passion to help families, seniors, and persons with health conditions, get the lowest priced life insurance. She has written a number of articles about field underwriting for various health conditions and is the #1 contributor to InsuranceLibrary.com.





A Word about Covid-19

You can still get life insurance that does not exclude pandemics (including Covid-19). This means that the policy would pay even if death were to occur from complications of coronavirus. However, you need to be careful that the application is completed correctly and truthfully, and that you are matched to the right carrier for your health.
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Outlook Life's Team for the Walk to End Alzheimer's in Hastings, Nebraska

October 1, 2017