No Exam Life Insurance

Believe it or not, sometimes you can save a lot of money AND a lot of time by buying life insurance that does not require an exam!"

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How can no exam life insurance possibly cost less than life insurance that requires an exam?

It seems incredible that a life insurance policy that can be placed within DAYS could actually cost less than one that takes MONTHS to complete. But our experienced agents at Outlook Life have found situations where this is exactly the case. If you fit in that category, we will tell you.

What are other advantages of no exam life insurance?

Besides possibly saving you money, nonmed life insurance gives you very quick answers. If you need life insurance in a hurry, this is the way to go.

Applying for a policy that does not require a blood test can save you from surprises such as high cholesterol, liver labs, or A1C. It can also protect the privacy of your medical records.

Finally, life insurance without an exam is good for those who don't like needles, those who travel, or who those who simply don't have time to take an exam.

What are the health requirements of no exam life insurance?

There are affordable nonmed life insurance for people who have both good and poor health. In fact, if you have very serious health conditions, sometimes no exam life insurance is the only type of policy you can get. But there are competitive no exam policies for people with great health, too.

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