What is impaired risk life insurance?

Impaired risk life insurance is life insurance for people with less than perfect health. If you have a pre-existing condition, it helps to use a broker that specializes in impaired risk life insurance. Impaired risk experts will know what health questions to ask to shop for your best policy, and will carry a number of companies that offer life insurance to people with pre-existing conditions.

One company may not cut it.

If an agent can is restricted to only sell with one or two companies, you may end up having to take a policy that does not have the features you desire. E.g. Some companies will allow people with type 1 diabetes to only have a small whole life policy with a graded death benefit. Some companies will allow people with type 1 diabetes to have any type of policy they want (term, universal, or whole life) and in much larger face amounts. The same is true for all types of health conditions.

Impaired risk brokers such as Outlook Life are contracted with many companies so that we can get you the policy of your choice at an affordable price. Our agents are highly trained and have years of experience so that we can very quickly determine which company and policy will have the best rate for you.

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