Affordable Life Insurance for Hypertension

Whether you call it hypertension or high blood pressure, having blood pressure readings that are higher than they should be, can lead to life insurance rates that are higher than they should be. But experienced agents can help you you get the lowest possible price."

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How High Blood Pressure Affects Life Insurance

When life insurance underwriters look at blood pressure readings, they look at a number of things. Some are:

1) When was the first time you had a high blood pressure reading?
2) When was the last time you had a high blood pressure reading?
3) Is it your systolic or diastolic reading that causes you the most trouble?
4) How many medications are you on to control your hypertension, and what medications are they?
5) Does your lipid profile show high cholesterol, triglycerides, etc?
6) Have you had any coronary procedures done, such as stent, bypass, etc? Have you had a heart attack?
7) Do you only get high blood pressure readings when having an exam done (commonly called “white coat syndrome”)?

If your agent is able to look at the big picture and take all these factors into account, rather than just focus on one detail, he/she is more likely to guide you to the most affordable life insurance for persons with hypertension. Indeed, sometimes going with a policy that doesn’t even require an exam is the best choice for someone who gets high blood pressure readings during life insurance exams.

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