Senior Life Insurance

Most seniors are interested in final expense or burial insurance, although many buy larger policies to pass their wealth to heirs, charity, or business partners. Senior life insurance usually goes to the beneficiary tax free and pays out quickly, making it ideal for end of life needs. It also is very personal, as you pick your own beneficiary."

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Final Expense Life Insurance

When seniors buy life insurance for end of life needs, that is commonly called "final expense insurance." It is usually used to pay for funeral, memorial service, cremation, burial, and other related costs. Because it goes to the beneficiary, the beneficiary may also use the death benefit to pay for debts left behind by the insured person, or even for their own needs.

Final expense policies almost never require an exam, and can be purchased in relatively small face amounts (often between $5,000 and $25,000). They are usually whole life policies that will stay in effect as long as premiums are paid.

Final expense policies sold by Outlook Life will not go up in price for the rest of your life.

Senior Life Insurance for Estate Planning

Life insurance can be a useful tool for estate planning, as well. Because the death benefit is usually passed to the beneficiary tax free and does not have to go through probate, it can be an ideal way to ensure that your business will keep operating when you pass. You can use a policy that will enable your children to pay inheritance taxes so that your family does not lose the farm. You can leave money to your grandchildren, a disabled child, or your favorite charity.

Favorable Rates for Seniors

Some companies develop special underwriting guidelines for older persons. Some pre-existing conditions do not have as much of an impact on life insurance premiums if the illness was contracted later in life. With over 15 years of experience in senior life insurance, Outlook Life's experts can literally save you thousands of dollars.

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