Over 50 Life Insurance

Can people over age 50 get life insurance? If so, what kind should they get?

You may have to make some difficult life insurance choices when you hit your 50's.

  • Perhaps you have a term policy that is jumping way up in price.
  • Perhaps you haven't saved as much money as you had hoped.
  • You may have the opportunity to buy a business.
  • You may have gotten remarried, or have kids in college, or want to leave something for your grandchildren.

Whatever your situation, you have to decide:

  • Do you want term insurance, or do you want permanent insurance?
  • How long do you need it to last? Does it all need to last that long?
  • Can you even qualify for life insurance?
  • Can you afford it?

You can save thousands of dollars by using a life insurance agency that specializes in life insurance for seniors and/or impaired risk.

Let's be real. Health issues can creep up on us as we age, and we may not even know it. Hundreds of Outlook Life's clients first found out they had a health problem when they took their life insurance exam! So it definitely helps to use an agency that specializes in life insurance for ALL kinds of health issues, from cancer to being a few pounds overweight. You can literally save thousands of dollars by using the right company. Sometimes that is a company that skips the exam altogether!

Finally, you need to use a specialist who can help you pick out the right kind of policy.

Finally, a specialist in over 50 life insurance can help you get the type of policy that saves you money and best meets your needs.

  • Do you just want to get by until retirement? 15 year term could take care of that.
  • Do you need collateral for an SBA loan? 10 year term usually works best for that.
  • Do you want to leave an inheritance? You will need some kind of permanent policy to do that.
  • Do you have several different needs for your coverage? You can get more than one type of policy, or get a hybrid! Some policies can even be used while you are still alive!

Outlook Life will help you get the most affordable life insurance for people over 50. Call us today at 866-866-0242.