Affordable Life Insurance for Pilots

If you are a pilot, you probably want life insurance that would cover you while flying a plane. We can get that for you, and will shop 50 companies to get your lowest price."

We have policies for private pilots, commercial pilots, crop dusters, aerial photographers, and other types of pilots. With so many choices, we are able to find you the lowest pilots' life insurance in the industry.

Affordable Life Insurance for Scuba Divers, Race Car Drivers, and Other "Dangerous Hobbies"

You may be exceptionally healthy, ideal weight, don't smoke, eat only nutritious food, and work out every day. But if you participate in what life insurance companies consider to be "dangerous hobbies", you need to make that known when applying for life insurance.

Using Outlook Life to shop your life insurance ensures that your policy covers death due to all causes AND gives you a chance to pay the lowest possible rates. Sometimes people who participate in extreme sports can pay the same as everyone else. We can find the companies that will give you your best rates.

Get affordable life insurance that covers dangerous hobbies.|
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Some of the avocations that can affect life insurance rates are:

1) Scuba diving (with depths over 150', rescue diving, and other categories all affecting the rate);
2. parachuting or skydiving;
3. speedboat racing:
4. motorcycle racing:
5. car racing of all kinds;
6. mountain or rock climbing:
7. cliff diving;
8. ballooning;
9. certain types of skiing; and
10. big game hunting.

Whether you are a scuba diver, racer, or participant in other dangerous hobbies,
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