Life Insurance for Seniors

With a Bachelor's Degree in Gerontology and work history that includes starting a senior center, selling preneed in a funeral home, and managing a retirement residence, I really care about older people and am happy to help them get good life insurance."
Peg Mace, CEO, Outlook Life, Inc

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Buying Senior Life Insurance for Yourself or Others

There comes a time in our lives when we are reminded of our mortality. Maybe it's after losing a relative, or retiring, or being diagnosed with a health condition. You may find yourself wondering how you will pay for your funeral when that day comes. Or even wondering who will cover the final expenses for your parents.

When those thoughts come to your mind, I hope you contact Outlook Life. Not only do we specialize in life insurance for older people (including burial and final expense policies), we have years of experience in assisting seniors with financial and other needs.

Final Expense Policies Usually Need No Exam

Most final expense policies are quite easy to get, with no physical or medical records required. For policies that are used to pay off inheritance taxes, pass a business down to a family member, or other estate planning issues, you will need to use a traditional policy that requires exam. Outlook Life knows how to help you with that, as well, so that you get the best price and set it up correctly.

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