Affordable Life Insurance for Depression

There are many degrees of depression. Some people just need an antidepressant; others need hospitalization. Bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, and other mental illnesses can also contribute to depression. Because depression varies, it is not fair that all people with depression be made to pay the same price for life insurance."

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How life insurance companies look at mental illness.

How long it's been since you were diagnosed with depression or other mental illness, the treatment plan you are on, your compliance with that plan, and the results you have experienced, all are part of what insurance companies look at when determining your life insurance premium. In fact, some companies work better for some types and degree of mental illness than others.

Because Outlook Life has been specializing in impaired risk life insurance for over 15 years, we know what to ask you, so that we can pair you up with the life insurance company that will give you your lowest life insurance quote.

Preferred rates possible with depression.

Preferred rates, or even one step better than preferred rates, are possible for some people with depression. At the other extreme, we offer some guaranteed issue policies that severely depressed persons can get.

We protect your privacy and your dignity.

Our professionals will help you avoid embarrassment, and can even suggest some policies that won't order medical records. While being totally above board and ethical, we can help you get the price you deserve while still protecting your dignity.

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