Affordable Life Insurance Choices Offered by Outlook Life

Types of Policies

Outlook Life is proud to offer choices in Term Life, Universal Life, Indexed Universal Life, and Whole Life Insurance policies. We carry a variety of products from over 40 carriers to help you get the best prices.

Medically Underwritten Policies

Medically underwritten policies are those that require a free life insurance exam. The insurance company may also order medical records from your doctor. This type of policy may be required if you are applying for a very large face amount. And many times medically underwritten policies are chosen because they can give you the lowest premium. Outlook Life offers hundreds of policies that entail medical underwriting, to help you get the most affordable life insurance rate possible.

No Exam Policies

Sometimes going with nonmed policy is necessary. Examples: 1) You are seeking a smaller face amount; 2) you don't have time to mess with an exam; or 3) you have a health condition that prevents you from getting a medically underwritten policy.

Sometimes people choose no exam life insurance because it actually may have their best price. Examples: 1) You are somewhat overweight; 2) you aren't sure how your blood test would turn out; or 3) you have an extensive health history years ago, but are doing well now.

Outlook Life keeps expanding out selection of nonmed policies because so many people like them. They can save incredible amounts of time and effort.

Senior Policies

This type of policy is commonly called Final Expense Insurance. However, life insurance for Seniors does not just need to be for final expenses such as funeral and burial. It can be used to leave money to children or grandchildren, pay off credit cards, purchase a home so that it stays in the family, or even pass down a business.

Having worked with Seniors for years, Outlook Life is well acquainted with some of the outside variables that can be involved in buying life insurance at this age, as well as the health conditions that can affect our senor citizens. We'd like to think we are pretty good at assisting individuals, couples, and families in purchasing this type of coverage.

Impaired Risk and Good Health Life Insurance

Impaired Risk Life Insurance is life insurance that can be purchased by people with different pre-existing health conditions and other risk factors. Some of these risk factors are: dangerous hobbies such as scuba diving, history of drug or alcohol treatment, multiple traffic violations, travel to unsafe countries, felony, and current bankruptcy.

Writing this type of coverage takes a lot of attention to detail, access to many companies and choices, and the ingenuity to figure out the best choice for each client. We have found that these skills have also come in handy in finding the best prices for people with good health. In fact, just having a family history of heart disease can cause some people to pay much higher rates. But not with Outlook Life, because we have so many choices.

Really, it's all about saving money on your life insurance. And that's what we love to help people do.

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