Affordable Life Insurance for HCV or Hepatitis B

Deaths due to Hepatitis C hit an all time high in the United States in 2014. Clearly, finding life insurance while having Hepatitis B or C can be a challenge. But Outlook Life can rise to that challenge."

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Underwriting for Hepatitis C Life Insurance

What do life insurance companies look at when they evaluate people with HCV for life insurance? They look at your liver biopsy results, to see if you have liver inflammation or fibrosis or cirrhosis. They look at your medical records to see when you were diagnosed, how you contracted hepatitis C, the genotype you have, what treatments you may have had, and your lab results over the years. All of these health details help life insurance underwriters determine what to rate you for your life insurance.

Exam or No Exam Life Insurance for People with Hepatitis C

Some people with Hepatitis C, especially those who want a small policy, prefer to take a "no exam" policy. These do not require a physical and do not look at medical records, but may cost more than policies that require an exam. If you have liver damage, a nonmed policy may be your only choice. We will find you the lowest priced choices you qualify for, and help you get the one you want.

Underwriting for Hepatitis B Life Insurance

Underwriting for life insurance for chronic Hepatitis B is very similar to underwriting for Hepatitis C Life Insurance. Acute Hepatitis B does not have strict underwriting requirements. There are policies with and without exam for people with Hepatitis B, as well.

Our Expertise in Hepatitis Life Insurance

Outlook Life representatives know which insurance carriers will go the extra mile to provide affordable hepatitis life insurance coverage to our clients. We may need to ask you some detailed questions about your hepatitis in order to find your rock bottom rate. We will use all our resources to get you the life insurance policy that you deserve.

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