Stroke Life Insurance

Having a stroke is possibly one of the most frightening experiences someone can go through. But applying for life insurance after a stroke should not have to be scary. We can help you get a policy, and we will make it as easy as possible."

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Getting life insurance after a stroke.

There is almost always a life insurance policy you can get after having a stroke. At Outlook Life, we go over your health details with you and determine which policy has your best price.

What type of stroke did you have?

Whether you have had an ischemic stroke, a hemorrhagic stroke, or TIAs (transient ischemic attacks), one of the main things that will impact your life insurance is how your stroke affected you. If you have almost no residual effects, you may be able to get a traditional policy that is rated. If you are not able to do your own ADLs or walk without assistance, you may need to take guaranteed issue coverage. Our experts at Outlook Life will quickly assess your situation with you on the phone and recommend which policy has your lowest price.

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