Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance? It’s true!

Outlook Like tries very hard to offer affordable life insurance for the whole family. This means that we carry life insurance for family members with perfect health, AND life insurance for family members with terrible health."

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What is "guaranteed issue life insurance"?

Guaranteed issue life insurance is life insurance that cannot be declined for health reasons. The main requirements you must meet to get guaranteed life insurance are:

1. You must be in the age group covered by that type of policy. Most policies of this type are offered to people age 50-80, although we carry a few that extend to people under age 50 or over age 80.

2. You must reside in a state where the policy is offered.

In addition to these two basic requirements, many companies have some additional requirements that may not be obvious at first glance. E.g. Many do not allow a POA to sign the application in lieu of the insured person. Some do not accept persons who reside in a nursing home. It is important to contact an experienced agent to make sure your policy is correctly and will pay out when death occurs.

What about those guaranteed issue policies on TV?

Many people with pre-existing health conditions call an 800 number they see on TV, to buy that type of coverage. However, guaranteed issue life insurance is for people who cannot qualify for anything else. There are limits to how much you can get, and the policy will be graded. In addition, the price may be higher than you'd pay for a non-guaranteed issue policy.

Outlook Life compares all kind of options, so you don't pay a penny more than you have to! That is why we ask for health conditions on our form. Some of our clients who THINK they only qualify for guaranteed issue life insurance end up saving money by letting us do the shopping for you.

If you have been declined for life insurance, or have serious health issues, give us a call at 866-866-0242 today.

Advantages to using Outlook Life for guaranteed issue life insurance

1) We find you the very best rate for your health and age details.
2) We clearly explain all the features of the policy, including the advantages and disadvantages of one over another.
3) We are licensed in most states, so you can ask us about quotes for your parents who live across the country.
4) We make sure we give you the correct application and help you fill it out so it is not thrown out for errors.
6) We help you understand the way the premium is paid, so that you do not end up being overdrawn or losing your policy shortly after getting it.
7) We help you with customer service requests in the years to come. We are there to assist your family if a death claim is made.