Life Insurance for People with Perfect Health

Most life insurance agencies target people with perfect health. But what most people don't know is, any agency that is good at covering people with pre-existing conditions, is excellent at covering people who are healthy. Try us and see."

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Life Insurance for People with Great Health

Congratulations! You are applying for life insurance at the exactly right time. Whatever age you are, if you have no health problems, are of normal weight, don't smoke, and have no other "risk factors" (dangerous hobbies, suspended drivers license, felony, alcoholism, and some others), NOW is your best chance at getting the best rate of your life.

What if I have one or more "small" health issues or other risk factors?

It is surprising how much prices can vary between life insurance companies for "small" issues. Some common things that can affect rates are:
  1. use of cholesterol or blood pressure medication,
  2. family history of heart disease or cancer;
  3. poor driving record;
  4. overweight;
  5. use of alternative tobacco such as cigars, e-cigarettes, etc;
  6. hospitalization within the past year;
  7. bankruptcy; and
  8. being on disability.

While one company may automatically raise rates, or even decline the policy, for some of these reasons, other companies may rate the policy preferred. Outlook Life knows the underwriting criteria for many companies, and will review them thoroughly to make sure you get the best price for your particular situation.

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