Testimonials about Outlook Life

"Thank you for your help 2 years ago in my desperate time of need for my fathers life insurance policy. I am so excited to tell you that my father is still here with us, and I am also delighted to know that yesterday marked the two year probation period! I just can't thank you enough. I searched EVERYWHERE and you were my only yes. I'll forever be grateful. I hope you have a wonderful day."
--FA, Washington, DC

"Thank you for all your help with my life insurance. I am happy that your company exists for people like me. I will be recommending all my friends to contact your company regarding life insurance. You made the process easy. Thank you again."
— SN, California

"I'm very pleased to know that there is an insurance company that can take care of us for our needs we’ve been looking for. Thank you for you all your help!"

— SB (MS Society referral)

"I have been searching for life insurance for I cannot tell you how long. I knew it was going to be tough because of my height, weight and medical history.

I dealt with numerous folks – most pushy, some arrogant, some wishy washy, etc., etc. I was, literally, just about to give up when I was contacted by Peggy.

I had numerous questions, because like most people I am not familiar with insurance and with my situation being what it is, I wanted to make sure I understood what I was getting myself into.

Peggy was PHENOMENAL for me. If she was tired of answering me, it never once came through. She was pleasant, professional, upbeat and always encouraging. She understood, like none of the other agents, that e-mail really worked best for me and that is how we corresponded.

Peggy is a true testament to what your company wants to put out there. She took care of me and helped me through a very difficult situation."
— BB, Vermont

"Thanks Peg, I appreciate all you do for us. Thanks for being our insurance champion!
You have a gem in Hastings, NE. I have known Peg and Jim for 30 years. Peg is the best! She knows how to show customers service. But I’m just not her customer, I am her friend! That’s how we do it in Nebraska! Take care and Go Huskers!"
— JDM, Nebraska

"I completed the enrollment process for my wife’s policy and I feel much better about our future. It is comforting to know that I’ve done as well as I could for my family in retiring and in thinking beyond that.

Thanks again for all your effort and fine service. Who’d of guessed such great service over the ‘web’? Couldn’t have asked for better. Thanks!”
— Joe L., New Jersey

“Thanks so much. You have been a great help and have made this policy easy. I may be calling on you again for a policy for my wife. I am also going to inform other people that I work with about you. Thanks so much!”
— Adam C., Virginia

“I was pleased to find a Life Insurance Company that would evaluate my individual health to establish premium rates and an insurable status. I have Type 1 diabetes but they looked at my lab result history and based my rate and insurability on my health not a general diabetic population’s health.”

“Most companies have blanket underwriting guides which group people into classes based on a health condition whether, arthritis, diabetes, cancer in remission, etc. I was rated for the small amount of life insurance that I had established about 12 years ago. Now I have 3X more coverage with a rate I can afford.”

“I have a peace now in knowing my wife and 2 children are in a much better financial state in the event of my death.”
— Rodney B., Texas

“Some time ago, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. When I began shopping for life insurance, I was astonished at how astronomically high the premiums were. Then a wonderful thing happened. Outlook Life was able to help me achieve a very reasonable premium for much need life insurance. I can sum up my experience in one word: “Bravo”!”
— Richard B., Nevada

"Peggy is a go-getter and knows her stuff. What an inspiration!"
__Samuel S, South Carolina

“Thank You very much for all the help. You went way beyond what anybody else might have done. You answered all my questions, and didn’t make me feel stupid, or that I was a bother. Thank You.”
— Brenda E, Arizona

“Please keep us on your list. You are a great resource and a wonderful person.”
— Steve R, California

“We want to say thank you for you response on answering our questions. We certainly will keep you on our list for reference. You are an asset to the industry and your company, very informative….. Thanks again.”
— Ron and Karen, Kentucky

“Thanks for all of your help and persistence in getting me a policy. It has added immensely to financial security needs of me and my family. You have taken a great load off of my wife’s mind as she now knows that she and my children would be provided for if something should happen to me. Thank You.”
— Lynn E, Florida

“You are a very caring individual. Folks like you are hard to find in this day and age, especially in California!!!!”
— Fred N, California

“Thank you so much for your prompt, efficient, and courteous service. It is a pleasure doing business with you, and I look forward to referring you to others. Sincerely,”
— Barbara R, Florida

“Thank you for all of your help. Good job! I’m grateful for your diligence.”
— Jonathan A, Michigan

“I appreciate your attempts over the months to do something for me. You’re a dedicated and loyal agent/person!”
— Ferris S, California

“You know with all that is going on in my life, I was just trying to think how I was so lucky to find you and I can’t remember how it happened!!! Again my thanks for all your support.”
— Robin L, New Jersey

“Thank you for your help. You are the first person that even seemed to want to try and help me. Thanks again.”
— Melanie M, Tennessee

“Thank you for all your help. If you ever want to move to Georgia,you can come work with us.”
— Jeff H, Georgia

“I’ve recommended you to several people, as I have been impressed by your hard work and sincerity.”
— Bill J, Ohio

“Thanks so much for the prompt information. It was truly a pleasure speaking with you. Your warm personality and knowledge of the subject matter made me feel like more than just a number. Talking with you has given me hope in this hard battle.”
— Melissa M, New Jersey

“I look forward to get your help at this time when our family most needs it. I like the sound of your voice and can tell you’re really there to help people in need.”
— Rick R, Virginia

“Don’t know if you remember me, but I received my policy today, and I am very pleased. I want to Thank You for assisting to make this a very pleasant and timely experience. I will certainly forward your contact info to anyone expressing an interest. Again, I will always appreciate your promptness and professionalism.”
— Carolyn L, Louisiana

“You have been a huge help. I will tell every good looking, big guy like me to call you.”
— Michael G, Maryland

“You left such a great impression on me that I felt compelled to come to you with this problem.”
— Kenneth C, North Carolina

“Thank you for helping me gain peace of mind! I can sleep better at night now! Have a wonderful day!”
— Jasmine M, Pennsylvania

“Thank you for the update. It is the little things like this email which confirms my decision to have you be the sole agent helping me with this. I already have a little more piece of mind knowing that there is at least SOMETHING out there for me; hopefully that is within my tax bracket :). I do appreciate all you are doing for me and my family.”
— Dean K, Michigan

“I really appreciate you doing what you said you where going to do and know you have a customer for life.”
— Rodney C, Washington

“Thank you very much. It feels great to know that my family is protected. Thanks for all you have done. I saw the check was deducted from my account today and have never been that happy to see money taken from me. LOL I will send anyone your way who needs insurance.”
— Rashad M, Texas

“Thanks so much for your help!!! Now we can make sure our daughter is taken care of.”
— Diona W, Texas

“You have really shown a concern for (my wife) and worked hard on getting something for her that would fit. And we are grateful!”
— William R, West Virginia

“Thanks a lot for your patience and your time. I greatly appreciate everything that you have done for me. THANK YOU!”
— LaTrece C, Tennessee

“Thank you so much. Talk about beyond and above what is required. You cannot understand how much I appreciate you throughout all of this.”
— Frank M, Louisiana

“Thank you for being so kind and helpful… I really do appreciate it!”
— Michael J, North Carolina

“I wanted to take a moment to mention to you that every interaction I have had with your staff has been excellent. They walked me through a complex process and prodded me along the way. I am very happy with the coverage I have, and I feel well informed. I must also say that in this day, to be able to call a company and speak with someone immediately is fantastic!”
— Alan S, Maryland

"Thank you for your work on both applications and your good customer service."
---CH, Michigan

“Over the last 15 years or so, despite always being fully employed, and receiving regular medical treatment, I was frequently turned down when applying for life insurance, due to a long standing medical condition. This condition is not life threatening, but most turned me down based on my diagnosis alone, and never even looked into how I continued to lead a relatively normal life despite it. I have never even been hospitalized, yet this didn’t seem to matter either. I always had to rely on insufficient benefits provided by group plans through my employers.

Needless to say, I was very skeptical when you contacted me from Outlook Life and told me that you were able to find me life insurance coverage. I had heard pitches like that before, all with the same results.

Even though I had developed other medical problems, I was approved at the affordable premium rate you had quoted for me.

To say I was delightfully surprised is putting it mildly. Only those in a similar situation can understand the benefit of having the peace of mind, knowing my family would have the help they need should something unforeseen happen. Our plans for their future can still be fulfilled, even if I were no longer there to provide for them.

And for this I have you to be forever thankful to.

I know this is a ‘wordy’ statement, but it describes my situation and how you truly helped solve a problem for me, that most people don’t have and take for granted. I will, and do highly recommend your service and products to anyone interested. Thanks for staying in touch. If you need anything further, feel free to let me know.”
— Joe L., New Jersey

"....thank you for all your efforts beginning with my first phone call to you. I'm really glad our paths crossed. Lori and I feel real good on the choices we made. Thanks again and take care."
---S&L, New York