Getting Affordable Life Insurance with Heart Disease

Heart disease covers conditions from tachycardia to heart attacks, and these can all raise life insurance rates. HOWEVER, some companies reward you for taking better care of yourself after your scare. We find those companies for you."

To get your free life insurance quote while having heart disease, please fill out the form on the right.

Life Insurance Ratings for Pre-existing Heart Conditions

To give accurate life insurance quotes to people with heart disease, we must gather some details about your health, first. For people with hypertension and/or high cholesterol controlled by medication, preferred rates are possible. Someone who has had a recent quadruple bypass will need to pay more now, but may be able to pay close to standard rates years later.

By asking for the appropriate health details, Outlook Life's insurance professionals can match you with the policy that has your lowest price for now. We also let you know when in the future you might get a lower rate.

How Do You Get an Online Quote?

You can get a life insurance quote from Outlook Life by filling in the form on the right. We will try to call you (unless you don't provide a phone number) to gather the essential health details needed to get your lowest quote. Or, if you'd rather, we can correspond totally by email.

What's fastest? Calling us now at 866-866-0242. We are anxious to help you get the lowest priced heart disease life insurance quote possible!