Understanding Hepatitis B
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Medical Information about Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B Transmission

Hepatitis B is transmitted through bodily fluids, including blood and semen. The virus lives only a very short time outside the human body. The usual ways people contract Hepatitis B are through sexual contact and drug users sharing needles. It can also be contracted by health care workers being accidentally stuck with needles, body piercings, or tattoos with unclean equipment. Hepatitis B can be passed from mother to child during delivery.

Life insurance companies may look at how your Hep B was transmitted to determine if the risk has been diminished.

Prevention of Hep B

If you have a family member or you will be close to someone who has Hepatitis B, you might consider the Hepatitis B Vaccine. Given as a bi-monthly series of 3 injections over six months, it is the best way to prevent contracting hepatitis B.

Immediately After Exposure to Hepatitis B

If you have recently been exposed to the bodily fluids of someone with Hepatitis B and you haven’t been vaccinated, you may still prevent the development of Hepatitis B. See your doctor immediately, as an injection of Hepatitis B immune globulin within 2 weeks of exposure may prevent your contracting the disease.

Acute Hepatitis B Treatment

Acute hepatitis B goes away after a period of about 6 months. So, you may not need treatment at all for this type of hepatitis. A visit to your doctor is absolutely essential to determine which type of hepatitis you have, and your doctor will recommend a follow-up test to ensure your complete recovery.

Chronic Hepatitis B Treatment

Chronic Hepatitis B is a condition that is permanent and cannot be cured. If you have chronic HBV, your doctor will recommend thebest treatment option for you. Antiviral medications may help to fight the growth of the virus, slowing its ability to damage your liver.

How to increase your chances of getting affordable Hepatitis B life insurance.

When applying for life insurance while having Hepatitis B, the best thing you can do is to religiously follow treatment plan prescribed by your doctor.

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