Our Expertise

What makes Outlook Life stand out?

1) Our abundant resources, professionalism and experience

  • We have access to over 40 carriers to find your best life insurance rate, and compare multiple companies for disability insurance rates, as well.
  • Our huge selection of policies includes both term and permanent (whole life or universal life), plus Disability Insurance. It also includes those that require an exam and those that do not.
  • We have the support of a highly respected brokerage that provides us with advanced technology and security, professional advice, continuing education, and dedicated case managers.
  • Our representatives are licensed agents with years of experience.
  • We have been selling life insurance online for over 15 years.
  • We have the resources of much large agencies, but provide small town excellent customer service, even after your policy is place.
  • Our No Hassle Pledge: We do not share your information and only one agent is in contact will contact you to provide your quote.

2) Our specialty in impaired risk life insurance

  • Finding affordable life insurance for people with health conditions and other risk factors is our niche. However, this added level of knowledge makes us doubly good at finding the best rates for entire families and people with perfect health, as well.
  • We are educated and ethical. We know how to drill down to the details that underwriters care about, so that we can present you as accurate quotes as possible. We don't lowball to get your business, and we won't advise you to apply for a policy you can't qualify for.
  • We have choices for nearly everyone. This includes people who need guaranteed issue life insurance because they are uninsurable by traditional policies. However, we do our best to find everyone the lowest cost and best policy features they can get, without immediately jumping to guaranteed issue policies.
  • We keep adding specialties due to demand. Over the years, these include multiple sclerosis, hepatitis, overweight, sleep apnea, chewing tobacco, prostate cancer, heart disease, dementia, and final expense. Needless to say, we have also placed policies for scores of diseases and risk factors that don't fit in these categories, and continue to evolve as new products and requests are introduced.

3) Our respect for our clients

  • We truly care, and will go the extra mile for those who apply with us.
  • Respectfully serving our clients is not just our job. It is our mission.

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