No Weight Limit Life Insurance


Did you know that there are some life insurance companies that have NO weight limit for their policies? The number of life insurance companies without any weight limits is very small, but they do exist. Because we specialize in life insurance for those who are overweight or obese, Outlook Life carries all the companies with no weight limit that we can find.

Get $100,000 in Life Insurance at Any Weight!

The death benefit of the policies you can get with no weight limit is not as high as those policies that do have weight guidelines. The highest death benefit you could get with one company without having to tell us your weight is $25,000. However, depending on your age, you may be able to get $100,000 in total coverage by taking several policies from different companies. None of these companies require any exam, and you do not have to give your weight for any of them.

How to Get High Amounts of Overweight Life Insurance Coverage

Other companies will ask your weight, but have very lenient weight charts. The ones with No Exam offer coverage up to $350,000, depending on age. Several companies that DO require an exam also have lenient weight guidelines. With these companies, there is no cap on the amount you can get, except for what you need and can afford.

Get Treated Fairly in Overweight Life Insurance

People who are overweight or obese need life insurance like everyone else. If someone does not want to give their weight, or does not fit the weight charts of any company, then No Weight Limit life insurance can be a very good choice.

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