UPDATE of 5/3/2017 Outlook Life, Inc is now comprised of www.outlooklife.com and efinalexpense.com.

Fountain Hills, AZ, November 30, 2004

Outlook Life LLC and Instant Life Quotes, both subsidiary organizations under Outlook Holding Group, LLC, announced today that the merger of the two insurance companies will be finalized and effective December 1, 2004 at 12:01am. Outlook Life LLC (www.outlooklife.com) which will be taking on theimpaired risk life insurance market, will provide a strong financial base to give consumers a high degree of confidence that Outlook Life will be providing insurance for many years to come. Instant Life Quotes (www.instantlifequotes.com) will now be diverting its focus to the instant insurance industry, which provides those who instantly qualify with a life insurance policy in ten minutes or less.

History of Outlook Holdings

Outlook Life is a part of Outlook Holding Group, one of the most respected financial organizations in the nation. Together they have a long, successful history with over one thousand customers nationwide and over 40 employees doing business in 50 states and 2 countries. Outlook Life has been doing business as an insurance agency for nearly thirty years acquiring over $300 million in life insurance policies in force.

"This change means the next step", says David Racich, Outlook Holding Group President and CEO. "We expect that together we can and will be at the top, continuing to provide consumers with affordable insurance regardless of pre-existing health conditions."

Global Leader in Finance

Outlook Life is a global leader in providing the online community with affordable life insurance in order to protect a mortgage, business investment, family and more. This new addition means a continuation of quality service in traditional life insurance, as well as the revolutionary new avenue of instant insurance to meet every consumer's needs.

About Outlook Holding Group

Being able to offer life insurance, disability insurance, long term care insurance, and annuities helps Outlook Holding Group utilize every angle of the financial services industry online best serve the community both locally and globally. Outlook Holding Group maintains a solid foundation of integrity and fortitude to keep its organizations on the cutting edge of business.

Our Subsidiary Sites

Outlooklife.com, OutlookAnnuity.com, EFinalExpense.com, OutlookFinance.com, InstantLifeQuotes.com, IMNetwork.us, OutlookAdvisors.com and MDonWeb.org make up the subsidiary organizations within Outlook Holding Group.

To learn more about each of these organizations please visit www.outlookholding.com.

Contact Information:

Outlook Life
Phone: 866-866-0242
Fax: 866-866-5532

Instant Life Quotes
Phone: 866-866-0242
Fax: 866-866-5532

UPDATE of 5/3/2017 Outlook Life, Inc is now comprised of www.outlooklife.com and efinalexpense.com.