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Impaired Risk Life Insurance Quotes

If you have a health condition such as diabetes, heart disease or MS, your most accurate quotes will come from an agency that specializes in “impaired risk” life insurance. This is the type of life insurance that will look deeper into the details of your health condition, and reward you for taking steps to keep it under control. This control might be through diet, exercise, effective medications, and/or regular doctor appointments.

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What if my health condition is not well controlled?

If your health condition is uncontrolled or very serious, there are impaired risk life insurance policies available for you, as well. Outlook Life understands how to get the best rates for people with all sorts of health conditions, and has made it our quest to serve this segment of the population and their families.

What health conditions are covered by Impaired Risk life insurance?

Here are some of the health conditions Outlook Life specializes in:

While not health conditions, there are other risk factors that life insurance companies look at, too. Some of these are tobacco use, build (height and weight), whether someone participates in dangerous hobbies, plans to travel to countries with travel warnings, drug or alcohol treatment, and even family history. With 50 companies to choose from, Outlook Life’s professional life insurance counselors will search through the criteria for each company to find the best offers for each specific risk factor.

Here are some of the other risk factors Outlook Life specializes in:


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We at Outlook Life do not look at our clients as “impaired risk”; rather, we look at each case as a challenge for us to find the best price for each unique person. The counselors at Outlook Life understand the issues you face. With over 10 years of specializing in affordable life insurance for persons of all ages, health, and risk factors, you can count on Outlook Life for your most affordable impaired risk life insurance quotes and policies.

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Exam and No Exam Choices

Outlook Life offers Impaired Risk Life Insurance in choices that involve taking an exam or NOT taking an exam. Please call us for your NO EXAM quote.

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