David Racich

David Racich, CEO of Outlook Life

David Racich earned a bachelor’s degree in Network & Global Communications Management, with a focus in Business Entrepreneurship and Electrical Engineering, in 2003. While still working to complete his degree, David created and incorporated IMNetwork Corp in 1999. IMNetwork Corporation develops complex custom applications for clients worldwide.

In 2001, David created Outlook Holding Group, which is a unique holding company for Outlook’s varied insurance and investment offerings. He decided to also become involved in the brokerage side of the insurance industry, sitting on the board of directors for Brokers Alliance for several years. This led to his becoming President of Brokers Alliance in 2009 and ultimately CEO in 2010.

David, with the blessing of his wife, Ashley, currently still runs IMNetwork Corporation, Outlook Holding Group and Brokers Alliance. He and Ashley reside in Fountain Hills, AZ with their son Bennett David and Emerson Grace.

As CEO of Outlook Life, David Racich’s goal is to provide a website where persons of all types of health can get personalized, professional service and rock bottom life insurance rates. His high standards have evolved Outlook Life into a truly premier resource for both Preferred and Impaired Risk life insurance, Disability Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, and Annuities.

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