David Racich

David Racich

David Racich, Founder

David Racich, President of Brokers Alliance, Inc, in Fountain Hills, AZ, began his career as an entrepreneur while still in college. David earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Network and Global Communications Management with a focus in Business Entrepreneurship and Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University. During this time, he formed his first of many companies, Outlook Holding Group, LLC, a cutting edge online Life Insurance Agency that stands out as catering to persons with health conditions such as diabetes, MS and heart disease. Outlook Life, Inc, is this same company, just under new¬†ownership. David still has his finger on the pulse of Outlook Life, making sure his “baby” stays intact for generations to come.

Since then, David has developed many helpful resources for businesses, both in the insurance field and outside of it. While most of his innovations are designed to bring the wonders of technology to businesses in a way they can really use to their advantage, David is also very involved in his community, helping others face to face. As President and CEO of Brokers Alliance, Inc, David is responsible for over 60+ employees in 11 states, and works hard to enhance profits for thousands of independent financial advisors across the nation.

Outlook Life was established to bring the competitive prices of internet shopping to those who are least likely to get that advantage out in society. David Racich’s heart and ingenuity propelled Outlook Life to where it is today. It is with this same sensitivity that Peg Mace has picked up the baton.

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