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Thank you for requesting a quote for life insurance from Outlook Life, specialists in Impaired Risk life insurance.

As Senior Agent and CEO of Outlook Life, I believe that our reputation is on the line every time someone contacts us for a quote. Therefore, I am personally contacting you so that I can ask the relevant questions and be sure that we are giving you the most accurate and affordable life insurance quote.

  • We do not lowball.
  • We do not quote "one size fits all" so that you pay too much.
  • Our goal is to get you a policy that has:
    • the best features,
    • from a highly rated company,
    • at the lowest price,
    • even if you have health conditions or other risk factors.
To that end, I will be calling you to ask further details about your health, and will use those answers to help me find your best policy. If you'd rather call me, please dial my toll free number, 1-866-866-0242. Thank you.

Peg Mace, CEO, Outlook Life, Inc.

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