Getting Affordable Prostate Cancer Life Insurance

Prostate cancer life insurance requests have become very common because prostate cancer has become so common. While more prevalent than ever, even mild prostate cancer can be devastating for men and their partners. There is the shock of being diagnosed with cancer, plus the ordeal of having treatments and possible side effects. And far too many cases are not mild, making prostate cancer the second leading cause of cancer death behind lung cancer.

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If you have had prostate cancer, or are close to someone who has, Outlook Life's professional representatives realize that shopping for prostate cancer life insurance is not easy. We will be discreet, honest and factual in our interaction with you so that we can find you the most affordable life insurance while also assuring your dignity.

Affordable Life Insurance for Men with Prostate Cancer

Just as prostate cancer is treated differently at different ages and stages, life insurance for men with prostate cancer is priced differently, depending on these factors. If one's PSA has been rising slowly in his later years, his life insurance will be rated more favorably, possibly even as good as Preferred. Whereas being diagnosed at a younger age can cause prostate cancer life insurance to be rated higher.

We understand the impact of Gleason scores and the different treatments (radical prostatectomy, brachytherapy and GreenLight, to name just a few),and we will match your medical details with the companies that give you the most affordable life insurance rate. We also offer some No Exam policies you can get without providing hardly any medical details.

How to Get a Better Rate in the Years Ahead

Some insurance policies attach a "flat extra" for life insurance issued to men with recent prostate cancer. This flat extra charge drops off after a set number of years (usually under 5 years), bringing the price down a lot. This flat extra is taken off whether there is a recurrence of cancer or not. So getting a policy after successful treatment can be great move, even if it is a bit high in the first few years. Because that price will go down and be locked in for life with no further health questions asked.

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