Young adult with a health condition.

How we all hate to hear those words. Young adults should be strong, energetic, enjoying life. Not having to give themselves injections, take treatments, have surgeries, and be monitored. Yet the reality is that health conditions can happen at any age, and young adults need all the support they can get.

We try to do our part by helping young people with health conditions get life insurance. But we are finding that challenge is becoming harder and harder. Until they reach age 40, having poorly controlled diabetes, being in a wheelchair, having had heart bypass, or being hospitalized for depression can make it nearly impossible to find life insurance in some states.

I just wanted to write this blog to let you know that Outlook Life tries very hard to serve our young clientele. Just today we were able to find policies for two persons under age 40 who have had trouble finding life insurance due to their poor health. We have options for younger obese persons; young diabetic adults who cannot get their blood glucose down; and people who were struck with cancer too young, but are a year past their last treatment.

These policies are not available in every state, but we represent enough companies that we can find something for nearly every age adult in nearly every state. And we refer you elsewhere if we know there is something out there that we cannot provide.

My advice to you is, if you have a disease that runs in your family, get your children or grandchildren life insurance while they are healthy, “just in case” they would develop that condition.

And if you are a young adult suffering from a health condition that is making it difficult for you to find life insurance, give us a call at 866-866-0242. It would be our honor to help you get the coverage you need.