Why Charge More for MS Life Insurance?


One of the most common questions we get from our clients with MS is, “Why do we get charged higher life insurance rates than people who do not have MS?” It is a valid question, and applies to far more than MS. Even having a parent who died of heart disease before age 65 knocks a person from Preferred Plus to Standard with most companies! Our goal is to get our clients the best rates possible, and we are very good at doing that. Dwelling on prices that are not within reach does help people with MS get the best price, but we vow that we WILL help you get the best POSSIBLE price out there. And you will find that some companies charge double or more than the prices we will find you…we do know where to go to get your best rate.

Getting Affordable MS Life Insurance

People need life insurance coverage for the unknowns, the “what if’s” in life. Life insurance underwriters try to look at what is known and determine what could happen based on that. For the very healthy person with a healthy family background and no risky activities, accidental death is their only obvious risk. Accidental death is a very low cause of death. So people with very good health usually qualify for very low rates. A person with a health condition such as MS has a different set of unknowns. While today’s treatments have done absolute wonders in keeping things that exacerbate MS at bay, some insurance companies base their rates on the complications that can arise from the most extreme MS cases. So it is important to use a life insurance company that will look at MS control and treatment and base their rates on that.

Outlook Life and MS Life Insurance

Outlook Life has developed strong relationships with the companies that evaluate each person’s multiple sclerosis symptoms and treatment and rate fairly. We also use some No Exam companies that will give coverage to even the person with advanced MS, or else we refer them to where they can get a policy. Our goal is to make sure that each of our clients get the best MS life insurance rates possible.

Peg Mace, CEO, Outlook Life, Inc

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