Perseverance and Hope


So, did anything happen in 2013 that you did not expect?

I had several things like that happen last year!

The happiest unexpected news was that my two married daughters became pregnant with baby girls. I did not really expect either one to have another child. One little sweetheart was born December 22, and my other granddaughter is due next week. It is so uplifting to have two new babies joining the family!

The saddest unexpected event was my dad’s passing away last January. For over 30 years I had expected it, then when it finally happened, I could not believe it. Ironically, I believe it because I know he is in heaven, whereas his being gone from earth still hardly seems possible.

These and other surprises of the last couple of years have caused me to reflect on perseverance and hope. It seems like I either have one or the other. I can keep my nose to the grindstone, afraid to hope for the reward. Or I can hope for a good outcome, not counting the cost it takes to achieve it.

The unexpected events of the last year or so have put “perseverance” and “hope” in the same sentence, for me. I am seeing rewards from the steadfast efforts I put into my family and my job. I have seen that death will occur, and that some people hold onto their faith to the end. I want to be that person who perseveres, but not because I am a robot, but because I have faith and hope.

How does this apply to life insurance? Some of you are so busy persevering from day to day, that you don’t take time to think about the future. Some of you are worrying about the future, when simply paying $50/month into life insurance could alleviate your worries.

Perseverance and hope. Life insurance can take your hard earned money and protect your family and business through the unexpected events of life. Because life is full of surprises.