Life Insurance for Overweight People


One of my favorite specialties at Outlook Life is life insurance for overweight people.

I was a chunky kid growing up. If they had talked about weight in my school as schools do these days, I would have died of embarrassment. Miraculously, I lost weight by having babies, but I truly and wholeheartedly can respect those who are overweight.

Finding the best life insurance price for overweight or obese persons is a joy to me. Our agency knows which companies have the most affordable overweight life insurance rates, and how to match each person up to the policy that is best for them.

If you do not qualify for as much coverage as you want at this time, we set up a plan where you can get some now and hopefully get more later after a weight loss plan has been in effect for over a year. If the weight is not kept off for over a year, the company adds half of it back on in their rate calculations. So it is usually best to get a small policy now, just in case. Also, I have seen people diet before applying for life insurance, but then their older age offset all the savings. So it’s always best to get what you can afford now.

Being overweight does not have to exclude you from providing for your family if a tragedy would strike. Call me at 866-866-0242 for a life insurance quote, with or without an exam. It will be worth the 3 minutes time it takes.