Outstanding new life insurance | No exam term with living benefits

Outstanding New Life Insurance from Outlook Life

 (and why the word “outstanding” is not an exaggeration)

In all the years I have been with Outlook Life, I have never been this excited about a new product! Rather than gush about it, I am going to just give you some REAL bullet points.

  • Up to $1,000,000 of coverage with NO BLOOD TEST
  • Up to $400,000 of coverage with NO EXAM AT ALL

    No Blood Test Required

    No Blood Test Required

  • TERM insurance, at VERY COMPETITIVE term rates
  • Can get as low as $25,000 and as high as $1,000,000!
  • 55 year old person can get 30 year term policy that covers them to age 85
  • The policy offers LIVING BENEFITS at no extra cost. Using them is optional.
    1. Will pay CASH from the face amount to the insured person while they are still ALIVE, for cancer, heart attack stroke, long term care, terminal illness, and more.
    2. If not used while alive, the full face amount is paid at the insured person’s death.
  • Approval for this policy can be as short as 24 hours.


I am frequently asked, “Won’t I get anything back after paying into my term life insurance policy for many years?” The answer is “No” but now you CAN! If you develop a chronic or critical or terminal health condition, yet anticipate that you will outlive your term policy, you could start collecting on your policy while you are still alive.

If you no longer feel the need to leave hundreds of thousands of dollars to your adult children when you die, but WOULD like to reimburse your daughter for quitting her job to come care for you, now you CAN!

Living Benefits for Critical Illness

Living Benefits for Critical Illness

If you want a policy with a substantial face amount, that would pay the full death benefit from day one, that has guarantees and is with a good company, yet still does NOT REQUIRE AN EXAM, now you CAN!

My only regret with this policy is that people who already have serious health conditions cannot qualify for it. However, it will cover moderate health issues, such as controlled type 2 diabetes; it has a liberal weight chart; it accommodates occasional cigar at nonsmoker rates; and more.

Please give me a call or drop me an email to see how you can get in on this great new life insurance product. You never know if they will find they have underpriced it and have to raise rates, so get your premiums LOCKED IN NOW.

One of Internet’s First Life Insurance Websites Celebrating 10th Anniversary

Outlook Life, a website that offers instant life insurance quotes even to people with health conditions, marks its 10th year in business. It may be the longest continually running website to specialize in impaired risk life insurance on the web.

Online PR News,  29-August-2012

A desire to help people with health problems in finding affordable life insurance inspired the creation of Outlook Life back in 2002. “I was buying leads at the time, and found that you could choose between people with perfect health or those with health conditions such as diabetes, MS and heart disease”,says Peg Mace, now COO of Outlook Life. “I found it challenging and fulfilling to find affordable coverage for people with health problems. That passion introduced me to like minded professionals in the impaired risk life insurance industry.”

Those business relationships led Mrs. Mace to a precocious young man studying to get his Bachelor’s Degree in Network & Global Communications Management, with a focus in Business Entrepreneurship and Electrical Engineering, from Arizona State University and DeVry University. While still in college, David Racich, now CEO of Outlook Holding Group, LLC, started developing websites that would offer free life insurance quotes instantly.

In fact, the first website Mr. Racich developed was called InstantLifeQuotes.com, and it is still in existence today. “I have always felt that the internet would become the hub for life insurance purchases in the future”, states David. “This has proven itself out in the past 10 years. Online life insurance is the fastest growing segment of the life insurance industry today. Online Life Insurance sales represent more than 20 percent of the policies sold with more than $300 million in life insurance premium initiated online each year.”

Outlook Life has learned many lessons as it has navigated the uncharted waters of online life insurance sales, especially in the impaired risk and senior products arena. “One thing we discovered is that when you need to spend so much time and personal attention on difficult cases, you are not going to grow big, fast”, says Peg. “We have found that finding quality employees, training them to the hilt, and doing an excellent job for our clients is what keeps all of our team invigorated. And in the process, we are getting more and more referrals, especially when they see that the same person who helped them 10 years ago is still here to assist them with their needs or the needs of their friends and family.”

While diabetes life insurance is the most popular offering, Outlook Life’s customers are broadening to include more family members, most of whom do not have a health problem. And, OutlookLife.com, with the help of OutlookAnnuity.com, are also getting more involved in helping their clients reach long term financial goals. Barry Franzen, Outlook Life’s Advanced Estate Solutions Specialist, has become a whiz at incorporating Annuities and Indexed Universal Life into portfolios so that clients can have some “safe” strategies to help them keep an income stream coming in during retirement. “By utilizing a combination of products and strategies”, states Mr. Franzen, “people can set stage now to supplement Social Security later, so that their Golden Years do not turn into a nightmare.”

A 10th anniversary commemorative ribbon cutting will be held at the Hastings Chamber of Commerce conference room at 11:45 AM on Thursday, Aug. 30, 2012.The public is invited.

To obtain an instant life insurance quote, visit OutlookLife.com or call 866-866-0242. You may find no exam life insurance quotes at https://www.outlooklife.com/no-exam-life-insurance/

Outlook Life is a premier resource for persons looking for affordable life insurance. Instant quotes are provided at outlooklife.com or visitors can call for a free quote at 866-866-0242. Personalized service and professional financial representatives are a trademark, as well as their specialty in finding affordable coverage for people with health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, hepatitis, and MS.


Outlook Life has ribbon cutting and open house for new location in Hastings, NE

Due to increasing business and added staff, Outlook Life moved to its third office in the Landmark Center in Hastings, Nebraska, after opening an office in that location in the fall of 2008. A day long Open House was sponsored by Outlook Life to celebrate the event. The Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting at 4 PM. Outlook Life’s staff are enjoying their new space and look forward to many happy years in this storefront spot.

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