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Who is Outlook Life?

Outlook Life is a National Insurance Agency partnered with scores of insurance carriers to provide you with the most affordable life insurance rates available. We incorporated in 2001. Our specialty is impaired risk life insurance but we find the most affordable life insurance rates for persons with good health, as well. Our agents are highly trained and we provide excellent customer service.

Impaired Risk Life Insurance

Outlook Life agents specialize in finding the most reasonably priced life insurance for people who are often “outside the box” for other agencies. These include people with health conditions, those who are overweight, tobacco users, and older persons looking for final expense or estate planning policies.

Good Health Life Insurance

With our extensive knowledge of underwriting criteria, personable service, and many choices, we also attract a lot of clients with excellent health. Not only health can affect a policy; so can one’s hobbies, foreign travel, even family history. We ask all the right questions and research our 50 companies ahead of time so you aren’t left holding the bag and paying more than you should.

No Exam Life Insurance – Burial Insurance

Because nonmed policies often fit the needs of our clients, we started adding a number of policies that do not require any exam. No Exam Life is now a huge part of our business for both healthy persons and people with health problems. These No Exam policies come in face amounts all the way up to $500,000.

Small policies that do not require an exam are also very popular with our clients looking for Burial Insurance.

Whether you are scared of needles or simply in a hurry, No Exam life insurance is a great way to get a good policy without all the hassle.

Secure Life Insurance Companies, Accurate Quotes

We have longstanding relationships with carriers and underwriters to help get you the most accurate and affordable rates possible. We offer only highly rated, secure companies. We get the facts ahead of time, so that you are placed with the best company for your individual situation, and don’t find yourself needlessly declined or poorly rated. For those who cannot get the amount of life insurance they want, we now offer annuities with enhanced features.

Watch the video to find out “whooo’s looking out for you”.

Instant Insurance Quotes

Our websites sport quoters that run free INSTANT quotes for people with health conditions (Impaired Risk Life), users of tobacco of any kind (Smokers Life), and people with good health (Affordable Life). We have a whole separate tab for folks not wanting to take an exam (No Exam Life). Without the advent of online marketing we wouldn’t be able to reach the volume that we currently do today, and would not be able to let individuals know that agencies like us exist and are here to serve you.

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We are here to help and to provide you with the information you need. Please contact us with any additional questions or for more information.

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